The Baby Food Diet

Last Updated: March 3, 2013

The newest diet trend is hitting the masses care of some famous Hollywood faces. Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are just some of the celebrities that are swearing by the Baby Food Diet. As the name implies, this diet consists of downing glass jars of mashed peas, sweet potatoes and bananas.

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Cravings Lead To Eating
This might sound gross to some people, but to the Hollywood mama’s that endorse it, it makes sense. Cravings lead to eating and eating leads to weight gain. If a Hollywood starlet puts on a single pound the public swings into speculation mode so it’s important to always look lithe and healthy. baby food jarThe Baby Food Diet helps those in Tinsel Town knock off cravings without packing on the pounds.

Replace Your Meals
There are different ways you can attempt the Baby Food Diet. Some people replace a meal with baby food, while others use it solely for cravings and hunger pains but to avoid starvation mode. You should address your own dietary needs before deciding which method of the Baby Food Diet you would like to try.

The Health Benefits
Just one small glass jar of baby food is enough to curb a sweet tooth or take the edge off of a hunger pain. Baby food is healthy and nutritious, making it a more attractive weight maintenance solution than cigarettes or cocaine. Best of all, the purees come in small glass jars that can even be recycled – how perfect for someone who is always in the spotlight and under public scrutiny!

Control Portions
The small size of baby food makes it easy to control portions and keep consumption in check. You’ll get enough of the flavor to curb a craving, but not enough to add to your waistline, it’s the perfect compromise.

Wide Variety Of Flavor Choices
Additionally, baby food comes in a wide variety of styles to match every type of dietary restriction. Whether you’re lactose free, gluten free or vegetarian (go here for more info on a vegetarian diet), you’ll find a type of baby food that works into your normal diet. There’s also organic varieties available if you prefer more natural foods.

Downside To The Baby Food Diet
The downside to the Baby Food Diet is that the small portion sizes make binge eating more likely. Because the food is so heavily pureed, it requires very little chewing, which could effect hormones that indicate fullness. It also leads to a lesser enjoyment of the food because it spends less time on the palate. Baby food can also be quite bland, and most formulas minimize the amount of herbs used in an effort to be more appealing to infants.

Exercise And Vitamins
Because the diet is so new, there really aren’t any nutritional guidelines or exercise guidelines available. Anyone undertaking a diet that is drastically different than their normal routine should supplement with a multi-vitamin, and it is probably a good idea to consult a doctor before attempting to mimic your favorite star. To get the best results, you should seek to increase physical activity along with the diet.

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