Swimming For Weight Loss – shed pounds fast

Last Updated: March 3, 2013

There are many types of physical exercises you can do to lose weight. You can bike, you can run, you can even play tennis or basketball. All these activities burn calories through cardiovascular action. The more you breathe and the more blood pumps through your body, the more calories you burn. The truth is, your body is already burning calories regardless of how much physical activity you do in any given day. Your body burns calories when it pumps blood, moves muscles, think, or even blink.

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Every action your body takes, regardless of whether it is voluntary or voluntary, needs calories. You are a calorie burning factory(how many calories does a person burn in a day?). This calorie burning system is your body’s metabolism (tip: follow a 6 meals a day diet to increase your metabolism). You replenish the calories your body burns by, of course, eating. Simple enough, right? Well, to lose weight, you have to supplement (supplement as in enhancing, not as in weight loss supplements like the raspberry ketone diet) your body’s ability to burn calories or cut down on the calories you take in. Ideally, to really boost weight loss, you have to burn more calories through your activities and eat fewer calories. Most people either focus on eating the same amount of calories while boosting the amount of calories they burn or reduce the amount of calories they eat while burning the same amount of calories. If you are interested in the former method of how to lose weight, you can take up swimming. Go to the how many calories to lose weight page to learn how many calories you need to burn to lose weight.

Swimming can boost the amount of calories you burn daily. Even if you eat the same amount of calories as before, if you swim regularly, you can still lose weight. You don’t have to worry about your heart rate(there is not fat burning heart rate anyway) or other annoying stuff as you have to with running.

Why swimming?
swimming poolUnlike other cardiovascular activities, swimming doesn’t impact your body as much. You burn calories-a lot of it. But without the punishment. Unlike running which can be murder on your joints, swimming gives you a full-body workout without placing the strain on any one part of your body. The great thing about swimming is that it involves all the different parts of your body that can help you lose weight. First, you are actively burning calories because you are breathing heavily and pumping blood to different parts of your body. This takes up a lot of calories. This is an active form of calorie burning. However, swimming also helps you lose weight even if you are resting. How? Since swimming is a full body sport, you are working out both smooth and striped muscles. When striped muscles get toned and bigger, they consume more calories. They not only consume more calories when you are moving them while swimming, they continuously burn up calories throughout the days since their size has increased.