Losing weight is not a problem. At least on paper. What’s the big mystery? After all, to lose weight, you only need to do two things: move around more often […]


Hypnosis For Weight Loss – Does It Work?

One thing you can be sure of when it comes to weight loss is that people are always looking for the latest and greatest in ways to lose weight without ...


Weight Loss Coaches – The Pros And Cons

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How To Find a Weight Loss Buddy

Weight loss is not just a goal. It is a process. In fact, if you really want to break it down hard enough-weight loss is a frame of mind. People [&hel ...

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    Stress And Weight Gain Explained

    Stress can be described as the way how the body responds to excess amounts of anxiety. Research shows that the body will release stress hormones during stressful events and this […]

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    Weight Loss Camps – Why To Visit One

    From a purely technical perspective, it is quite easy to lose weight. If you were to look weight loss as strictly a biochemical situation, you can easily describe weight loss […]

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    Positive Thinking For Weight Loss – Why It Works

    Every heard of psychosomatic illnesses? These are medical conditions that are triggered by the patient’s frame of mind. There is nothing physically wrong with the patient but when they start […]

    Comfort Foods – Why They Are Comforting

    Comfort foods. Just the phrase brings, well, comfort. Imagine yourself putting your feet up on your desk and stretching out with a box of chocolates or a nice snack in […]

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    Overcoming Emotional Eating To Lose Weight

    Comfort foods. This term has been quite popular lately, and it is sad that many restaurants have hijacked the meaning of the term, so they can push their dishes. The […]

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    Why Not to Reward Yourself with Bad Foods

    We all want to see the results of any diet and exercise regime. We are ecstatically happy when we reach a specific goal, and justifiably so. Surely we can now […]