Positive Thinking For Weight Loss – Why It Works

Last Updated: March 3, 2013

Every heard of psychosomatic illnesses? These are medical conditions that are triggered by the patient’s frame of mind. There is nothing physically wrong with the patient but when they start worrying or getting fearful, they start manifesting symptoms. Psychosomatic illnesses demonstrate that the mind has such a powerful impact on the body. In fact, some authorities say that the body is just a slave to the mind and that commands from the mind are blindly executed by the body without thinking. Powerful stuff, if you think about it. This means you can will into reality certain things you have put in mind. In other words, you can change your reality by changing how you think. This is the secret of many millionaires and billionaires. They didn’t let their humble beginnings get in the way of their ability to bend reality to their will.

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Take responsibility for your weight problems by taking ownership
Of course, for you to change your physical reality with your will power, you have to start somewhere, and you have to keep at it. The first step to willing your own personal reality into being and lose weight with your mind is to take ownership. This is the first step in becoming responsible for your life. Taking ownership means not blaming anyone else or anything else for what has happened in smiling-womanyour life. This means you have to say to yourself ‘I am responsible for being overweight.’ This means putting an end to the whole cycle of blaming other people or circumstances and feeling guilt. Put an end to that worthless and vicious cycle. Instead, realize that you are the person responsible for everything that has happened to you. Not your parents. Not your genetic predispositions. Not the food manufacturers or fast-food chains. No one but you. Own it. Realize it. Let it sink. Fight the urge to escape responsibility by laying the blame on them. Own your weight problem. Look in the mirror and say ‘I chose to be this weight and now I’m going find out how to lose weight and do everything in m power to do so.’

Own the solution
It is easy to get depressed by just saying ‘I chose to be this weight.’ Don’t stop there. You have to move to the next step in the process of willing your way into a smaller waistline: own the solution. After taking responsibility and resolving not to blame others for your problems, you must own the solution by saying that you are choosing to do things that will solve your problem. In the case of being overweight, this means saying to yourself that you chose to be overweight, and now you are choosing to become thinner. By owning the problem and the solution, you are emphasizing the ‘I’ in the statements above. You are claiming and celebrating the fact that you are in control of your life-no one else. Keep doing the steps above and feel the surge of personal power they provide. It will power your efforts at cutting down on your caloric intake and boosting your daily calorie burning(how many calories does a person burn in a day?) activities like exercising and working out.