Olive Oil And Weight Loss – Healthy Fat For Your Diet

Last Updated: March 13, 2013

three-olive-oil-bottlesOlive oil has been around for thousands of years and is truly a miracle commodity that is good for a lot of things than just food. In addition to its long-standing use as cooking oil, it has been used as a salve, a skin lotion, and as lighting oil. In fact, its list of uses is quite long and many different Mediterranean peoples have grown quite dependent on this versatile commodity throughout the ages living on a Mediterranean diet. In fact, people have treasured olive oil for so long, it used to be used as currency in Greece. Olive oil was that important. In terms of health and weight loss benefits, olive oil still offers a lot of value today.

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Weight loss benefits of olive oil
When it comes to oils, olive oil stands out as a very healthy alternative to other fats used for cooking. There are many types of fats people can use to cook their meals. Traditionally, people have used shortening and lard to deep fry meals. Talk about unhealthy. In addition to the dangers of deep frying and the heavy amount of fat this cooking process infuses into food, the fats used for this type of cooking were usually made from animal sources. Animal-based fats like lard and bacon drippings or rendered fat are very high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Talk about a double whammy of bad news! Cholesterol clogs up your arteries eventually and saturated fat helps form blockages in your blood vessels. The type of fat present in animal-based oils are high in LDL or low-density lipoproteins which harm your blood vessels. Moreover, animal-based oils usually feature an unhealthy level of triglycerides which have been linked to bad heart health.

Healthy Alternative To Bad Fats
Thankfully, cooking with olive oil provides a healthy alternative to artery-clogging fats and oils. Olive oil is high in the good kind of fat-high density lipoproteins (HDL). This type of fat doesn’t clog up your blood vessels, it actually helps clear up LDL and keep your arteries clear. In terms of ways how to lose weight; olive oil is still an oil. This means that it still triggers signals in your brain which indicate that you are full. You need a lesser amount of food with olive oil to trigger these ‘I am full’ signals from your stomach than with other foods. As a result, you feel fuller sooner and you eat less. Moreover, the oil that you used to trigger these signals is healthier for you.

General health benefits of olive oil
In addition to the benefits olive oil provides to your cardiovascular health, a diet that includes healthy doses of this oil helps your skin’s elasticity and moisture level, it also gives some lustre and shine to your hair, and helps you snore less when you sleep.