Nuts For Weight Loss – Why They Are Good For You

Last Updated: March 3, 2013

In the Bible, the book of Genesis has a section on the original diet given to Adam and Eve. That diet, often dubbed ‘The Genesis Diet’, consisted solely of grains, fruit, and nuts. This is a very interesting collection of food since they all involve food that you can gather without killing the plant that produced the food. As it turns out, nuts not only pack a lot of flavor but they are also good for your health and can help you lose weight.

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Nuts help you feel fuller longer
Nuts like cashews and walnuts are quite calorie-dense and are packed with fats. This is not necessarily a bad thing since the calorie-density of nuts and the amount of oil they pack sends signals to the brain that your stomach is full and satisfied. With other foods,you have to eat a heavier volume for your stomach to send this signal. On a strictly calorie per calorie basis, you need less nuts to feel full than many other foods. This means you not only take in less calories, you feel full sooner. Moreover, because of the high amount of dietary fiber nuts contain, you feel fuller longer. Visit the how many calories to lose weight page to learn more about burning calories and how to lose weight.

Nuts boost your cardiovascular health
closeup of healthy nutsDietary fiber is very good for you because it helps clean up your digestive tracts and also cleans up your blood. Some dietary fiber can be fully absorbed into the blood stream and these act as small microscopic sponges that help your body manage cholesterol in your bloodstream and in your digestive tract. Fiber helps you lower cholesterol and blood serum fat levels. This helps with your overall cardiovascular health since there are less bad cholesterol in your blood vessels which might cause blockages. Moreover, the fiber in your system helps cut down on your chances of getting colorectal cancer.

Nuts are portable meals
Due to their size and weight, nuts make for great portable meals if you are trying to time your eating patterns to match your body’s highest metabolism rates for the day. This means that if you need to eat most of your meals during the morning so your body can burn up most of the calories you consume during the rest of the day(how many calories does a person burn in a day?), you can eat nuts to counter hunger pangs that threaten to throw you off this metabolism-matching eating schedule and to avoid starvation mode. Instead of eating a pizza that is dripping in fat, you can pop a handful of nuts like cashews or almonds into your mouth and you feel full. You stick to your eating schedule and your body continues to burn excess calories according to your weight loss plan. One of the greatest diets for increasing metabolism is the 6 meals a day diet.