Does Smoking Make You Lose Weight?

Last Updated: February 26, 2013

smoking lose weightYou’ve probably heard the rumors that many actresses and models smoke in order to stay thin.  The media often catches many of the most popular celebrities smoking at Hollywood hot spots, which only seems to add validity to this argument.  So the question is, does smoking make you lose weight?  If so, how does it work?

The short answer to this question is yes.  The long answer is yes, but with side effects that can negatively impact your health and actually cause you to gain weight when you get older.  Lets examine some of the ways that cigarettes help you lose weight and see what effects they have on your body.

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Cigarettes Damage Your Taste Buds

When you smoke, tar and nicotine coat your taste buds and hamper their ability to function as they should.  This causes you to interpret food as tasting bland.  Bland food is less appealing, making you less likely to eat for enjoyment.  As a result, you’ll simply start eating to ward off hunger rather than to enjoy the food.

Instead of killing off your taste buds to make you eat less, you can try working on your portion control.  Food is fine in moderation, so go ahead and enjoy all the flavors life has to offer.  Using smaller plates, smaller utensils and pre-portioning food before putting it away are all great tactics to eat less (which is necessary if you want to lose weight fast) without addicting yourself to nicotine.

Nicotine is an Appetite Suppressant

Nicotine has been shown to be an appetite suppressant.  Therefore, the more you smoke, the less hungry you’ll feel.  When you do get hungry and eat, your taste buds will be less effective, and you’ll only eat until the hungry feeling fades. Be careful to never enter starvation mode though.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other appetite suppressants on the market today.  You don’t have to pick up a cigarette to stop the hunger pangs.  Instead, you can go to any health food store or pharmacy and get all natural diet pills (like the raspberry ketone diet) that will have the same effects on your body’s hunger cues.

Smoking Increases Your Metabolism

What really happens is that smoking causes your heart rate to increase.  When your heart rate increases, your body burns more calories to generate the energy needed to keep the blood flowing at the demanding rate.  This additional caloric burn isn’t as much as you would think — heavy smokers still only burn about an additional 200 calories per day. Visit the how many calories to lose weight page to learn more about burning calories and losing weight.

Without picking up the smoking habit, you can burn an extra 200 calories with a short jog or by choosing healthier lunch or breakfast options.  Cutting out a couple of sodas and opting for water or changing to light salad dressing are other ways you can sneak out the extra calories without picking up a dangerous and expensive habit. While smoking will help you shed excess pounds, you can get the same results with less dangerous methods.  Smoking can cause many different health problems, so it’s best to use other methods to achieve your weight loss goals.

If you want to increase your metabolism in a healthy way you should follow a 6 meals a day diet.