Best Workout Foods and Which To Avoid

Last Updated: March 3, 2013

Congratulations in your decision to work out. Although your body is already burning calories 24/7, it is not burning calories at a fast enough clip for you to lose weight if you have a hearty appetite. You need to boost your metabolism and working out can help you get there. Working out burns calories in one of two ways. Obviously, when you are doing cardio exercises, you are breathing a lot and your heart is pumping a lot of blood and oxygen to the rest of your body. All these activities require a lot of calories. The less obvious way is that working out (for example: swimming for weight loss) helps you lose weight is when your exercises stress muscles. For example, when lifting weights, you put a lot of stress and strain on striped movable muscles. This allows the muscles to grow. All this exercise results in increased muscle mass and your muscles’ energy requirements increase. Even if you stop working out for the day, the overall calorie requirement of your muscles have been kicked up a notch or two. Result? Your body burns more calories throughout the day. This is crucial to effective weight loss-recruiting your body’s metabolic system to burn calories throughout the day. To make sure that your workout regimen doesn’t go to waste, eat food that doesn’t pump your body with the same or higher amount of calories you lose when you work out. Also, following a 6 meals a day diet will also help to increase your metabolism. Go to our how many calories to lose weight page to learn how many calories you need to burn to lose weight.

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Eat bulky foods as grown
There are some foods that don’t have too many calories but are quite bulky. Potatoes, for example, don’t have much calories as long as you don’t slap sour cream, mayo or butter on them. Using a vinegar-based oil-free sauce, cornyou can season a bowl of boiled potatoes and eat to your heart’s delight. You will get fuller faster and you will feel fuller longer. You can also eat fresh boiled corn. Same effect.

Stay away from soda
Didn’t you know that your workout is better if you drink plain water? You lose a lot of water when you work out. Keeping hydrated with plain water goes a long way in helping your body circulate vital fluids which can help you boost your metabolism and burn off calories. (having problems with too much water weight? visit our how to lose water weight page to learn how to lose weight which purely consists out of water) Don’t replace these calories by drinking soda. Regular soda is stuffed with sugars like high fructose corn syrup. These drinks are packed with calories. Stay away from them to ensure the calories you burned off with exercise stay off.