Health Benefits of Juicing For Weight Loss

Last Updated: March 3, 2013

Kale. Broccolli. Spinach. Carrots. Beets. These items are not exactly the first thing that come to most people’s minds when the word ‘juice’ is mentioned. However, you might be losing out on some serious weight loss if you fail to add vegetables and root crops to your fruit juice. Simply put, a juicing diet is one of the most efficient ways to lose a lot of weight quickly without burning yourself out in the gym or getting up early in the morning for a nice 5 mile jog. All it takes to lose weight, for many people, is to chop up some vegetables, put the veggies in the juicer’s hopper, position your cup or glass, and flick on the switch. Nice and easy and definitely no sweat. If you are still not convinced why you should at least juice once every single day so you can shave pounds off your weight, read the list below.

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Feel Fuller Longer
Many vegetable contain lots of fiber. In addition to juice, many juicing machines let you enjoy the fiber content of the veggies and fruit you juiced. This fiber definitely adds up. Not only does dietary fiber help clean up your gut and prevent colon cancer, dissolved fiber in your intestines and bloodstream may help keep cholesterol levels down. In terms of ways how to lose weight, fiber is a great help because it bulks up in your stomach. This produces a ‘full’ feeling which makes your stomach send an ‘I am full’ signal to your brain.vegetables and fruit to juice End result? You eat less. Not only do you feel fuller, you also feel fuller longer. This is because your gut takes a while to digest the fiber.

Eat Healthier
Juicing produces a diet that is rich in phytonutrients that help your body establish a greater balance. You are able to enjoy a wider range of vitamin inputs than a purely carbohydrate and meat protein diet(example of a high protein diet is the Dukan Diet). You get all sorts of complex carbohydrates and vitamins in the juice mix. Not only does juicing taste great, you are healthier overall due to all the vitamins and nutrients.

Avoid Fats and Calorie-dense foods
Since you are drinking your meals more often, you tend to stay away from fatty and calorie-dense foods. Not only do these foods add inches to your waistline(how many calories does a person burn in a day?), they boost your cholesterol and might cause serious health issues later on. Moreover, the high fat content may also trigger Type II diabetes.